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Living Room Realtors
A 3rd generation Realtor trained in Architecture and Textile Arts and passionate about community building, Jenelle Isaacson, has been rocking the Portland real estate scene since early this century. Working on the leading edge of green building and modern design, she quickly established herself as a top-seller at the Pacific Northwest's most successful real estate brokerage.

Unfortunately, she felt like she was working in the early part of last century.

To Jenelle, accepting "business as usual" felt like accepting the old ways of building: unacceptable. Realtors had been hit hard by the down market, yet they were still working long, erratic hours under more pressure than ever in an "every man for himself" culture.

So, Jenelle decided to start her own agency. If she was going to help revolutionize the industry, why stop at sustainable building practices? Why not start a culture change in the office as well? She had a vision of a real estate agency fostering camaraderie among agents and supporting the idea agents can have meaningful, successful careers and balanced, healthy lives at the same time. Her agency would take community involvement to new levels and add fresh technology to the traditional marketing mix.

So, she put her vision and hard-earned savings to work, building the Living Room Realtors team from scratch. All she needed was a building.

She started working with a larger regional bank (that claims to be community based), but was soon overwhelmed with their processes and paperwork. Then she was referred to Lewis & Clark Bank. "They didn't laugh at me when I said I wanted to buy my own building," Jenelle explains, and a new partnership for business was launched.

Not long after Lewis & Clark helped Jenelle secure financing for her new building, buzz from agents at other companies trickled back. Word on the street was all about how great her team was, and Jenelle knew she had truly built something special-something that is now in the public eye and respected.

Jenelle likes having the spotlight on her team. She doesn't feel the need to talk much about the challenges and boundaries she overcame to build her business. But Lewis & Clark Bank understands what it is like to be in an extremely competitive industry-and how stories like Jenelle's can provide inspiration for other business owners working to break down old barriers.

As a leader, you are an agent of change
-Jenelle Isaacson

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