Business Banking

Operating Accounts

A successful business strategy requires effective management of available funds on a day-to-day basis. We encourage you to work with your Lewis & Clark Bank expert to determine the best banking strategy for your particular business. Contact us to discover which account combinations and deposit solutions will help take your business to the next frontier!

Business CheckingReach your financial objectives. For businesses of any size or level of complexity, our banking experts can find an answer to your deposit questions. Whether it's Business Checking or Account Analysis, not only will you enjoy the basics that any business would expect (online banking, check writing, and bill pay), but we have the ability to solve your time, location, and cash management requirements. Contact us today and see how...Read More
Interest CheckingEntrepreneurship rewarded. Discover a new level of earnings with a Lewis & Clark Bank interest checking account for your sole proprietorship while enjoying the same features as a regular business checking account. View our deposit rates and contact us today to open an account.Read More