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Partners for Community

"Foundations of Hope" stone located at the
new Children's Center care facility.
Community can be defined as "people living in somewhat close association". But being a "community bank" means more than being close to people. Which is why at Lewis & Clark Bank, rule number one is that community is not a commodity. Being a Partner for Community means more than just making donations. It means that the people in the bank, and we as a company, show that Lewis & Clark Bank is invested in its community... a true Partner for Community.
Proudly headquartered in Oregon City, Lewis & Clark Bank is a Partner for Community beyond cutting checks. Giving money is important; however, it is difficult to attain a "close association" strictly by donating funds. LCB believes community is truly realized through the passions and commitments of its employees and in their close proximity to the specific need. Employees' interactions, involvement, commitments and charitable contributions cause close association, or community. Our community partnerships are driven in large part by the passions found in the service of our employees.
One example of such a partnership can be found in The Children's Center of Clackamas County. From the Bank's inception, the bank wanted philanthropic activities to be local and meaningful. The Bank and its employees focus on causes close to their hearts and contribute through donations, sponsorships, and volunteer hours. The Children's Center is the sole child abuse assessment center in Clackamas County. Lewis & Clark Bank and its employees committed to the Children's Center's capital campaign to open their new and expanded facility, which they successfully did in April 2011. Employees created "jeans days" where they were invited to wear blue jeans to work so long as they donated at least $5 each to a fund that would go to the Children's Center. The Bank also pledged to match the employees' efforts. Also of note, when other banks shied away from financing the new project because it didn't fit in their "box", Lewis & Clark Bank stepped up and found a way to solve the one-of-a-kind deal.
Another Partner for Community example is the relationship with the Clackamas Community Land Trust, where their mission is to provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities and related educational resources to people of modest means. The CCLT just completed its newest housing community called Juneberry Lane where Lewis & Clark Bank helped finance the construction. Juneberry Lane is the first residential project to be certified as an Earth Advantage Community. Each of the 12 homes are designed to meet the LEED-Home standard at the Platinum level. Not only does Juneberry Lane help families, but it also becomes a growing asset of the community that Lewis & Clark Bank is proud to be associated with.
Lewis & Clark Bank sees its role as a supporter of small business in a similar manner as non-profits and organizations that help those in need. Whether you own a dental practice, a dairy goods delivery company, or a gas station, the health of your business is important to the health of the community and Lewis & Clark Bank is happy to hear your story. Give us a call and let's see if we can be your Partner for Business and Community.