Lewis & Clark Bank


Make deposits without making a trip to the bank

Lewis & Clark Bank's Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is about to change the way you deposit your business checks. You no longer have to worry about getting to the bank by closing time to make your deposits. With RDC you can deposit all of your checks without leaving your office.

It's like having Lewis & Clark Bank in your office

As a Lewis & Clark Bank business customer, using Account Analysis, you can have your own RDC machine right at your office. Instead of bringing checks to the bank, just scan them and the image of the check is captured and transmitted safely and securely to Lewis & Clark Bank. 

If cash deposits are a concern, courier or armored service is still available.  Cash withdrawals can be made at ATMs around the world, and the fee for using another bank's ATM is refunded to your account the same day.